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Planica ski jumping, Slovenia

If you’ve never seen ski-jumping in the flesh, then be prepared to be amazed. However many times you've seen it on TV nothing prepares you for the sight of a person flying 200m through the air. Planica is a legend amongst world ski jumping venues with a history stretching back to the 1930s. It was the venue for over 30 world record breaking jumps including the first jump of over 100m (Sepp Bradl, Austria 1936) and 200m (Toni Nieminen, Finland, 1994) and one of the most recent world records by Bjoern Einar Romoeren of 239m in 2005.  

Planica - ski jumping

Ski jumping or ski flying as it is often called holds a very special place in the heart of Slovenes and nowadays the Planica ski jumping, Slovenia competition, usually held in mid March each year is Slovenia’s biggest annual sports event with around 50,000 spectators coming from all around Europe. The setting is beautiful - overlooked by the towering Ponce, Cipernik and Jalovec mountains, the music is loud, the wine flows freely and the cheering for each nation's heroes is non-stop - creating a superb atmosphere to watch men defying gravity and flying through the air for ever greater distances.

The future for Planica ski jumping looks extremely positive with works under way to create a large complex at the foot of the ski jumps offering a wide range of modern Winter and Summer sporting facilities to add to the existing cross country skiing and hiking trails which scour the bottom of the beauviful Planica - Tamar valley.

Ski jumping - Planica

Watching the Planica ski jumping, Slovenia is an unforgettable Winter Sports experience that combines perfectly with a ski break at Kranjska Gora and the surrounding region. The Planica experience is perfect to enjoy from our Retreats of Villa Planina & Nebina both situated in the village of Ratece. Ratece is the closest settlement to the Planica ski jumping, Slovenia centre meaning that Villa Planina and Nebina are one of the very few places you can stay in easy walking distance of Planica (circa 2km by foot). With 4 apartments, 12 beds and sofabeds for a further 6-8 people in each villa we are well used to welcoming large groups of fans from around to Europe coming to Planica ski jumping, Slovenia to cheer their team on, so please contact us for more information on Planica ski jumping including reserving your stay at Villa Planina or Nebina and how to get tickets.

Dates: Planica ski jumping, Slovenia: Usually takes place in 3rd week of March.

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