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Tromeja - Kranjska Gora Tri-border destination

Mt Lussari Tarvisio, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionHiking in Dobratsch Nature Park, Austria - Triple Border RegionLake Faak, Austria, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionTarvisio main square, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionMtIsland in Austrian Lake District, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionGolfing in the Alps, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionTromeja - Triple Border RegionDobratsch Austria, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionBelopeski - Fusine Lakes, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionBelopeski - Fusine Lakes, Tromeja - Triple Border RegionBelopeski - Fusine Lakes, Tromeja - Triple Border Region

Tri-border 'Tromeja': 3 countries 1 destination!

Can't decide between Austria, Italy and Slovenia for your next holiday?... Kranjska Gora gives you access to all three - ski Austria, Italy and Slovenia in one weekend!

Uniquely positioned on the Austrian-Italian-Slovenian triborder (or 'tromeja' in Slovene), Kranjska Gora is a great base for exploring the entire region with easy access to a huge range of world class ski resorts, amazing cultural and natural attractions -including stunning alpine lakes in each country- and countless outdoor activities, not just in Slovenia but also nearby in Italy (on the western side of the Julian Alps) and Austria (on the northern side of the Karavanke Mountains). There is even a pleasant hike to the actual site of the tri-border, where you can literally stand in three counties at once.

The Kranjska Gora tri-border region offers three distinct cultures within close proximity, so visitors can have proper Italian espresso and brioche for breakfast in Tarvisio (or 'Trbiž' in Slovene), traditional Austrian schnitzel for lunch beside a lake in southern Austria and have a hearty Slovenian goulash for dinner. Whilst its not too far to other great destinations in Slovenia, the world famous Lake Bled is just 30mins south and the capital Ljubljana an 1 hr away.

Please click on the links below for an idea of what's on offer in the tri-border region - all listings are within a 1 hr drive (approximately) of Kranjska Gora.

Austria - Carinthia
Austrian Lake District Southern Carinthia, Austria

With more than 200 lakes in the region there is a lake to suit everyone’s needs whether you’re looking for a tranquil summer swimming spot or a natural ice skating surface in winter. Though unlike in Slovenia almost all of the lakeside beaches in Austria are privately managed and charge swimmers hourly or daily fees. Below are a selected number of popular lakes within an hours drive of Kranjska Gora.

Worthersee - Lake Worther  

Worthersee - Lake Worther, Kranjska Gora TromejaThe largest lake in all of Carinthia, it’s also probably the most developed, long a popular holiday destination luxurious villas dating from the Renaissance period look out over the lake. And there has been more recent development too with cocktail bars dotted along the lake’s beaches and many excellent restaurants lining the shore. In summer it gets quite busy as this inland seaside fills up with holidaying families.    

Faakersee - Lake Faak  

Faakersee - Lake Faak, Kranjska Gora TromejaThe southernmost lake in Austria and closest to Kranjska Gora, Faakersee is a beautiful shimmering turquoise lake with the impressive Karavanke Mountains framing the landscape. Exposed to long sunny days the lake warms up beautifully in summer and is a great swimming spot.

Lake Ossiacher - Ossiachersee

Ossiachersee - Lake Ossiacher, Kranjska Gora TromejaThe largest lake in the Villach region Ossiacher offers wonderfully opportunities for water sports with particularly great conditions for windsurfers. There is also a 27km bike path around the lake which is a very pleasant ride.
Dobratsch Nature Park  

Dobrač Nature Park, Kranjska Gora Tri border regionLocated to the west of Villach is the mighty Dobratsch (or 'Dobrač' in Slovene) mountain range, in the protected Dobratsch Nature Park. The highest peak in the range rises to 2,166 metres with a cross marking the summit, and only a few meters below that sits a Slovenian church, the highest church in Europe. When not blancketted in snow there are several excellent walks for hikers of all ability in the Dobratsch Nature Park.

For more details about the Dobratsch Nature Park follow this link

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Tarvisio Tarvisio IT

Mount Lussari, Tarvisio Kranjska Gora TromejaTucked up in the north eastern alpine region of Italy Tarvisio borders onto both Slovenia and Austria, whist the towns signs displayed in four languages (Italian, Friulian, Slovenian and German) give a sense of the areas rich cultural diversity. Until 1918 the area was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire hence the rich German and Slovenian influence in the area, which is expressed not just linguistically though architecturally and culturally more broadly. The centre of town is the pretty market square, Piazza Unita which is also where the impressive church of Tarvisio, dedicated to saints Paul and Peter and dating back to the 4th century. A popular ski resort town Tarvisio is packed with interesting cafes, bars and restaurants where you’ll find interesting Italian cuisine influenced by its Germanic and Slavic neighbours. 

Drive from Kranjska Gora 20mins
Fusine Lakes (Belopeški jezeri) Tarvisio IT

Belopeški jezeri - Fusine lakes, Kranjska Gora TromejaJust across the border in Italy are two beautiful alpine lakes, Belopeški jezeri in Slovene or Laghi di Fusine in Italian, there is an upper and a lower lake with striking green and blue waters fed by the melting snow off the high mountain peaks which rise above it. There is a pleasant bike path which runs along an old railway line, from Kranjska Gora to the lakes it’s an easy 15 km ride.

Drive from Kranjska Gora 10mins
Lago del Predil (Raibl) Cave del Predil IT

Raibl - Predil Lake, Kranjska Gora Tromeja regionSitting on the Italian side of the Julian Alps about 10km south of Tarvisio (30-40mins from Kranjska Gora), Lago del Predil (or Raibl in Slovene) is a spectacular turquoise lake with steep mountain slopes rising above it. At an altitude of 960m and reaching depths up to 35m the glacial basin lake is usually extremely cold though at the height of a warm summer it is a beautiful place to have a refreshing dip and then lay out on a gravely beach.

Drive from Kranjska Gora 30mins

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Slovenia beyond Kranjska Gora
Lake Bled Slovenia

World famous Lake Bled, Kranjska Gora tromeja regionLake Bled is truly a must see destination, named by Yahoo Travel as one of the World's 10 Most Beautiful Lakes, it's easy to see why –a fairytale castle sits high on cliffs, looking out over the lake to the island where stands a 17th century church. Mountain peaks and alpine forests frame the landscape in what is an outstandingly beautiful place. The town at one end is fairly developed with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels and other tourist facilities, whilst at the other end it is quieter and generally less built up. Taking a “Pletna” boat out to the island is certainly one of the highlights of any trip to Slovenia.

Drive from Kranjska Gora 35mins
Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Lake Bohinj, Kranjska Gora tri border regionLake Bled might get most of the attention though 30mins west from the tourist hub is another magnificent lake, Bohinj, located in the Triglav National Park it is a less developed and tranquil setting – the vast glacial basin lake, is ringed by breath taking mountains. It is a fabulous place to relax and get in touch with nature whilst it's packed with opportunities for outdoor activities from walking, mountain biking and swimming / canoeing in summer to skiing in winter. The popular ski resort of Vogel is sits high in the mountains above Lake Bohinj offering stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. There is also a small ski resort,  Kobla, which lies between Bled & Bohinj in an attractive town call Bohinjska Bistrica, where you can also find the excellent Bohinj Water Park.

Drive from Kranjska Gora 60mins

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